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Boycott New Jersey Transit Sept 2012

I would love to organize a boycott of new jersey transit.

Stop buying monthly ticket starting Sept 1, 2012.

My ten trip to zone 11 increased by 60 percent. It cost 259 to commute to NY PA 3 days a week.

The service is terrible,bus lanes never work,and no notification of delays.

What Company keeps their customers after providing bad service. Only a monopoly.

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New Jersey's bus Network is simply awful

My name is Carl Schmidth. I am pretty renowned researcher of Urban Transportation system and I teach Urban Planning and Transportation at the City University of New York. Lately I haven't been doing a study on The New Jersey transit bus network and I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed.

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The bus routes in NJ Suck

Does anyone else feel like NJ Transit could do a lot better with the bus routes? I for one do.

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NJ Transit riders log 25,000 complaints against drivers the past 2 years

One bus driver talked on his cellphone the entire 40-minute ride from Wayne to New York. Another got lost on the way to Giants Stadium, while a third slammed the bus doors on a little girl's head.

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Getting rude responses when I don't know how much the fare is.

I asked how much the fare was for the 76 bus to Newark, and I was told by the bus driver, "You should know that by now." He almost got punched in the face. What a rude and disrespectful answer. I didn't know how much the fare was!

NJ Transit deserves to go out of business for how it runs itself.

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