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Report: New Jersey pulls plug on ARC Tunnel

Three sources familiar with the $8.7 billion tunnel under the Hudson river from NJ, say, barring an unexpected, last-minute change of heart from Governor Chris Christie, the ARC transit tunnel under the Hudson river is dead. The sources say Christie will likely announce this week that he’s restructuring NJ’s portion of the money to go to roads. The FTA and the Port Authority will recoup their $3 billion each, though the Port’s money will likely go into other regional projects.

The writing had been on the wall for this project since September 13 when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie suspended work on it to “review costs.” The state’s leaders feared that the $8.7-billion price tag was too conservative and that the state would be forced to pony up money it didn’t have. At one point, Christie claimed that the project could cost $5 billion more than expected.

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NJ Transit commuters continue to be frustrated by recent delays, slowdowns

Article excerpt:

A month into this summer of transit Hades, rail commuter Karl Zielaznicki finally had enough.

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NJ Transit Conductor Admits Stealing $3,500 From Employer

From here:

NJ Transit Conductor Admits Stealing $3,500 From Employer
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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you must be kidding

So, its not enough of an insult that I must spend 2+ hours going thru hoboken AS YOU RECCOMENDED, to get on a localized gladstone diesel.... you must preemt us west of newark for the only connection at summit in AN HOUR? Idiots. Would have been home half an hour ago if it weren't for this crappy company's bungling.

And yet another preemtion just went by while I type.

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The Truth about the Dinky

this article is an excerpt. please visit the site above for the entire article.

The dinky needs to be preserved, folks. DONT let them replace it with dirty and delayed busses!

The truth about the Dinky and BRT
Monday, June 14, 2010 5:42 PM EDT

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