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Yet again, epic NJT fail!

morning AND evening fail!
the situation this AM in Hoboken was insane!

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Footage of NJ Transit in its prime...

Was I at the right place at the right time? Not necessarily, this is just a typical day commuting on a Nj Transit train...

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Praise for once!

Sitting here in Hoboken, waiting for the 6:14 Gladstone train to depart, a woman came on asking the conductor if she was on this train yesterday the conductor told her, possibly.... (i was, i know she was) the woman said well, i lost my rail pass (that SUCKS) and was wondering if anyone had found it. the conductor lady said no, and then proceeded to ask where the woman was going. Short hills.

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NJ Transit works to restore rail service along 81-mile Lackawanna Cutoff

Work has begun on a $37 million project to restore commuter rail service from Andover Township to the Port Morris railyard on the abandoned Lackawanna Cutoff, according to a spokeswoman for NJ Transit.

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NJ Transit locomotives on German roads

A video about shipping out the new ALP45 locomotives in Germany

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