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Standers at Hoboken

What do all these people do that stand around at Hoboken? They are obviously on the clock, what is their job function?

I've heard tell of these "bosses" that watch the trains come in. What else do they do? How much are they paid? Why is their job needed?

Seriously, NJT needs to cull some of these "idiots" to save some money and not raise our fares for ever worsening service!

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NJ Transit trains into and out of Penn Station suck every day

Oh well, what can one do?
Nothing -- that's what sucks more.

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Restricted speed past Harriman

So NJT decided to do some track work just north of Harriman, and the trains have been rolling at restricted speed. Thats all well and good, since men are down on the tracks, but WHY does that speed continue until WELL past the construction? We didn't pick up speed until we got all the way up by the 32 overpass. wth?

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Nailed a deer

Our train (#50) whacked a deer a mile or so north of Salisbury Mills this morning, got it stuck in the cow-catcher, and dragged it all the way into the station. The whole time it was trapped there, it was kicking up ballast that was making a gods-awful racket on the underside of the train! We ended up getting on our way eventually, but lost HEP, so no lights and heat. nasty bit of business.

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Now that all NEC trains are consistently running at 15-25 min delays, it is imperative that the Directors of NJ Transit insist that new schedules be re-issued reflecting reality not some theoretical estimates of departure/arrival times.

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