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How do YOU rate NJ Transit?

Make YOUR voice heard! Have you ever felt that New Jersey Transit customer service does NOTHING with your complaints about poor service, late trains or busses, unreliable equipment and rude employees? Tired of that canned answer you get from NJ Transit's horrible customer service department? Have you ever wanted to scream out in frustration about how much NJ Transit stinks? Think that its unfair for NJ Transit to continue raising rates while service quality or quantity continues to decrease? So do we! We are here to give the riders of NJ transit an UNCENSORED VOICE to air your issues! We are in the same boat(more like train or bus) that you are! Join us! Sign up for a FREE account now and you too can share your gripes and/or praise about the NJ Transit system publicly with your fellow commuters in our forums, or post your commute woes to your very own travel blog! Welcome fellow tortured souls!

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whitegown's picture

So unreliable! It's hurting my career.

This is the third time this week that I will be late to work thanks to train delays.

I am currently sitting in a train that has been standing still for 35 minutes, despite the alerts on the NJTransit site that say 15-20 minute delays.

This is ridiculous! They are blaming Amtrack and saying that they have no control.

ragnarok's picture

Lackawanna Cutoff clears environmental study

Lackawanna Cutoff rail line clears environmental hurdle

By Lawrence Ragonese/The Star-Ledger
October 02, 2009, 6:51PM

ragnarok's picture

NJ Transit brings weekend service from Hoboken to Montclair

By Jamie Schuh / The Jersey Journal
September 30, 2009, 2:10PM

Fancy taking a weekend trip out of Hoboken? Well, your options just got a bit easier with NJ Transit's new weekend rail service on a portion of the Montclair-Boonton Line from Bay Street Station in Montclair to Newark and Hoboken Terminal.

ragnarok's picture

Jerk conductor

So I've got my weekly (long story) from Hackettstown to Hoboken. I'm on train #5733 (car #7590) - a High Bridge bound train out of Penn Station Newark. The train is delayed 15 minutes, first because of "Amtrak switch problems" then "Amtrak signal problems" so right there, imho, they have gall to be collecting tickets, but who am I to say?

NJasonH13's picture

AC Train starts July off with a fumble!!!

While waiting for the 447pm AC line in Philly 30th st station on Wednesday July 1st the ticker called for a 30 min late train. After about waiting 45 mins the board comes up saying train cancelled which means the next train isn't until 548pm... At about 530 people begin heading outside to catch shuttle buses. They send 1 bus for the amount of passengers that normally fill a 4 -5 car train.

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