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How do YOU rate NJ Transit?

Make YOUR voice heard! Have you ever felt that New Jersey Transit customer service does NOTHING with your complaints about poor service, late trains or busses, unreliable equipment and rude employees? Tired of that canned answer you get from NJ Transit's horrible customer service department? Have you ever wanted to scream out in frustration about how much NJ Transit stinks? Think that its unfair for NJ Transit to continue raising rates while service quality or quantity continues to decrease? So do we! We are here to give the riders of NJ transit an UNCENSORED VOICE to air your issues! We are in the same boat(more like train or bus) that you are! Join us! Sign up for a FREE account now and you too can share your gripes and/or praise about the NJ Transit system publicly with your fellow commuters in our forums, or post your commute woes to your very own travel blog! Welcome fellow tortured souls!

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You tap that yet??
My question is WHERE? I've not been to a NJT, PATH, or MTA station that accepts this type of payment.
So according to this article:

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The Truth about the Dinky

this article is an excerpt. please visit the site above for the entire article.

The dinky needs to be preserved, folks. DONT let them replace it with dirty and delayed busses!

The truth about the Dinky and BRT
Monday, June 14, 2010 5:42 PM EDT

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Sure enough, the cuts in service have created incredible amounts of crowding. Couple that with the lack of properly working air conditioning and the cars get hot awfully quick.

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Crowding expected as NJ Transit plans train service cuts

Check out the comments on the site! A quote from the article:

Coming soon for NJ Transit rail commuters who just started paying 25 percent higher fares: service cuts of at least two trains per line, according to a Wednesday Star-Ledger article.

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NJ Transit expects to lose riders after rate hike

Your comments: NJ Transit expects to lose riders after rate hike

I've decided that indeed it is cheaper to drive to work. I know I am not alone. NJTransit is shooting itself in the foot with this fare increase, as I believe way more riders than they think will no longer be using the service. has a opinion posting about this topic, where folks are weighing in about how they are being priced out of using NJTransit as well. Here's the link:

An excerpt:
NJ Transit knows there are commuters who will avoid the new record-tying fare hike by finding another way to commute. The Star-Ledger reports that transit officials have a name for that kind of exodus - "diversion" - and NJ Transit expects there will be a 5 percent diversion after the rate increase kicks in May 1.

This article is picking up comments from commuters in the community. Here's one from dontgivein:

I have a prediction -- many riders are already prepared for this and won't be taking the train. A lot of car pooling is being planned right now. NJ Transit will be shocked at the loss of riders. I can envision a loss of more than 10 percent.

It now makes more sense to drive to Weehawken, park the car and take a ferry to get to midtown Manhattan vs. taking the train into Penn Station.

Adios NJ Transit!

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