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How do YOU rate NJ Transit?

Make YOUR voice heard! Have you ever felt that New Jersey Transit customer service does NOTHING with your complaints about poor service, late trains or busses, unreliable equipment and rude employees? Tired of that canned answer you get from NJ Transit's horrible customer service department? Have you ever wanted to scream out in frustration about how much NJ Transit stinks? Think that its unfair for NJ Transit to continue raising rates while service quality or quantity continues to decrease? So do we! We are here to give the riders of NJ transit an UNCENSORED VOICE to air your issues! We are in the same boat(more like train or bus) that you are! Join us! Sign up for a FREE account now and you too can share your gripes and/or praise about the NJ Transit system publicly with your fellow commuters in our forums, or post your commute woes to your very own travel blog! Welcome fellow tortured souls!

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Frequency of on-time service

Less than 90%
67% (2 votes)
90% - 92%
0% (0 votes)
92% - 95%
0% (0 votes)
95% - 96%
33% (1 vote)
96% - 97%
0% (0 votes)
97% - 98%
0% (0 votes)
98% - 99%
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 3
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NJ Transit okays two new budgets

Visit the link to read the entire article.

NJ Transit okays two new budgets
Thursday, July 12, 2007
Star-Ledger Staff

The NJ Transit board yesterday approved a $1.3 billion capital budget that provides money for new buses and rail cars, expanded park-and-ride facilities, expanded rail and light rail services and major track, bridge and station improvements.

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NJ Transit SOAKS Hapless Commuters

From the NJ.COM Transit Blog

You would think that a multi-million dollar public transit system might try the positive side to customer service approach to show its hapless commuters that it genuinely does care about their everyday plight.

Dream on.

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NJ Transit, Amtrak disagree over who's to blame for delays

FROM HERE. Visit the website to read the entire story!

NJ Transit, Amtrak disagree over who's to blame for delays

Sunday, December 31, 2006


New Jersey travelers suffered through 157 hours of delays in two years because Amtrak routinely holds or slows down NJ Transit trains to move its own trains ahead, records show.

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