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How do YOU rate NJ Transit?

Make YOUR voice heard! Have you ever felt that New Jersey Transit customer service does NOTHING with your complaints about poor service, late trains or busses, unreliable equipment and rude employees? Tired of that canned answer you get from NJ Transit's horrible customer service department? Have you ever wanted to scream out in frustration about how much NJ Transit stinks? Think that its unfair for NJ Transit to continue raising rates while service quality or quantity continues to decrease? So do we! We are here to give the riders of NJ transit an UNCENSORED VOICE to air your issues! We are in the same boat(more like train or bus) that you are! Join us! Sign up for a FREE account now and you too can share your gripes and/or praise about the NJ Transit system publicly with your fellow commuters in our forums, or post your commute woes to your very own travel blog! Welcome fellow tortured souls!

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Oh boy does nj transit and most of their employees suck BIG TIME..

Oh my God, where to begin.

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NJ Transit, Amtrak Trains To Be Delayed By Heat

The speed restriction has been imposed by Amtrak on all trains using its Northeast Corridor tracks between Boston and Washington and on portions of the Keystone Corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg.

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NJ Transit eyes Linden for train storage during next major storm

NJ Transit plans to harbor 300 trains near the closed General Motors plant in Linden during future monster storms like Hurricane Sandy, which flooded rail yards in Kearny and Hoboken and damaged hundreds of cars.

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New Jersey railway put trains in Sandy flood zone despite warnings

Exclusive: New Jersey railway put trains in Sandy flood zone despite warnings

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