NJ Transit, Amtrak Trains To Be Delayed By Heat

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NJ Transit

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The speed restriction has been imposed by Amtrak on all trains using its Northeast Corridor tracks between Boston and Washington and on portions of the Keystone Corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg.
In a press release Amtrak says engineers are monitoring rail temperatures in real-time and the restrictions are put in place when internal rail temperatures go above 120 degrees to ensure the safe operation of trains.

The temperature of the rails is the latest heat-related issue NJ Transit and Amtrak have to deal with. The heat wave was to blame for overhead wire problems that disrupted NJ Transit service along the Northeast Corridor yesterday between Trenton and Metropark.

Amtrak spokesman Cliff Cole says the hot temperatures caused the tension on the power lines to loosen and become saggy leading to delays for Amtrak passengers and New Jersey Transit commuters between Metropark and Trenton Wednesday afternoon.

Cole says officials will monitor the overhead lines throughout the heat wave.