Six Port Jervis trains late or canceled yesterday

Submitted by ragnarok on Tue, 08/21/2007 - 12:21
NJ Transit

From the Times Herald-Record Online. Visit the link to read the entire story.

Six of the seven trains that comprise the morning rush on the Port Jervis line were late or canceled yesterday, affecting almost all of Metro-North's 2,000 customers.

"It was a series of unfortunate events," said Marjorie Anders, a Metro-North spokeswoman, with apologies to Lemony Snicket.
Commuters, however, didn't have a children's book in mind when they said you could write a novel about everything that went wrong — especially since the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is likely to ask them to pay more for their tickets next year.

"It's an absolute disgrace,'' said Keith Duffy of Monroe.

Joe Dee, a spokesman for NJ Transit, said the 4:34 a.m. from Port Jervis was canceled because the train didn't have a crew and the 5:54 was canceled because of engine trouble. The cars from the 5:54 were coupled to a later train to reduce overcrowding. (NJ Transit operates Metro-North's trains on this side of the Hudson.)