Prospect of station relocation leaves Dinky riders cold

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Prospect of station relocation leaves Dinky riders cold
By: Katie Wagner, Staff Writer

Princeton University's arts neighborhood plan would move station 460 feet south

Reasonable, a pain in the neck and absurd are some of the opinions circulating about Princeton University's unofficial plan to move the Dinky train station approximately 460 feet south of the existing station on University Place.
The Dinky is a NJ Transit shuttle train that provides service exclusively between the Princeton Junction train station and Princeton. The university's moving of the Dinky station would be necessitated by an expansion of its arts facilities that university officials and professionals have been planning for the past year, University Vice President and Secretary Robert Durkee said.
A regular Dinky passenger who works in the northern part of the university's campus said she wouldn't appreciate having to tote her heavy work bags a longer distance.
"For me it's (the Dinky station) very convenient where it is," Mithra Zahedi said. "I think it would be a shame if they moved it farther from Nassau."
The move away from downtown Princeton and the campus might not be such a problem, however, for those Dinky-riders that bicycle to the station.
Inge Van Der Kloet said she and her boyfriend, university student Klaas Schotanus, wouldn't mind a relocation of the station, as long as it was still easy to reach by bicycle.
"It should be close to the university," Ms. Van Der Kloet added.
Billy Heller, who starts his commute to Manhattan using the Dinky, also said he was OK with the move, but thought it seemed like a waste of money.
University officials hope to maintain the Dinky service and NJ Transit has said its committed to continuing the service in most if not all conversations it's had with the university officials, and NJ Transit is also committed to the concept of adding a bus rapid transit service, Mr. Durkee said. He added, "The university has a very strong attachment to the Dinky."