Getting rude responses when I don't know how much the fare is.

Submitted by Kristoffer on Thu, 06/03/2010 - 23:55
NJ Transit

Anonymous (not verified)

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 00:23

Today, 9/29/2013, I had the same problems with rude responses when I asked how much the fare was and also getting my money out of my pocket. I wasn't sure about asking for a Camden transfer and this lady was rude as heck! She was disrespectful and rudely said "You want a transfer right?!!" Like I was some stupid idiot! Then on the bus back from Camden to Cherry Hill, I was slow in taking my money for the fare out of my pocket and my transfer was wrinkled and sweaty and the driver told me in a rude tone to not try and wrinkle my transfer next time, then said "Bring it back!!, Bring it back!! 60 Cents!!" I wanted to punch him and the first driver in the face, but I would have gone to prison or been fined $7500 for bus driver assault. Even probably verbal assault. NJ Transit need to replace the bus drivers for the 406! If NJ Transit doesn't do anything about this I am emailing the Governor about this and the Department of Transportation!! I understand what Kristoffer went through. I am with you on this one!

I asked how much the fare was for the 76 bus to Newark, and I was told by the bus driver, "You should know that by now." He almost got punched in the face. What a rude and disrespectful answer. I didn't know how much the fare was!

NJ Transit deserves to go out of business for how it runs itself.