Fare Hikes May be Reduced, But Riders Still Angry

Submitted by ragnarok on Wed, 04/14/2010 - 12:11
NJ Transit


Cash-strapped commuters have repeatedly expressed their frustration with no success. "Why don't you use your heads and think for a moment?" said rider Lev Zilbermints.

"It's an indirect tax. It's a turnstile tax," said Grace Spencer.

Governor Chris Christie said fiscal responsibility is a top priority given NJ Transit's $300 million budget gap. "I feel badly for those folks that are impacted by it, but this is the mess I was left with, and I am not going to clean it up by putting it under the rug, which has been done over and over again for the last two decades in New Jersey."

On that note, frustrated commuters say the governor should take the first noble step. "Take a 25-percent cut in your salary," said rider Leroy Mack.

Not likely, we say... But one can have hope.