My Kindom for a Parking Space!!!

Submitted by xamian on Thu, 11/19/2009 - 16:00
NJ Transit

You ever get that coveted parking spot? I think its ridiculous that they dare charge so much for the slots but not have enough to cover demand. Yes, I understand supply and demand, but this is gouging since these people need to get to work!

Ok, so they finally decided to create more parking spaces at Edison but somehow I just don't think it's going
to be enough. I've been on the waiting list for a parking permit since 2002 and every time I call the company
that manages the existing lot they tell me that the waiting list is over 10,000 people long, obviously the
moron on the other end of the phone is just trying to get rid of me (which is another gripe that I won't get
into) but in a sense it does tell me that they get so many requests for permits that they've resorted to just
telling people a ridiculous number so they just give up and don't ask to be put on the list.

Using the following article as a reference I've been trying to figure out just how much parking will or will not be available. The article states there is an existing cpacity of 362 spaces, after both lots are reconfigured there will be 816 spaces which leaves 454 new spaces. The article also states there are 370 names on the wait list which has to be bullshit and here's why.

Morning rush hour runs from 6am to 10am, that's at least 8 trains one way, each train (usually) has at least
10 cars, without question there are at least 10 people that go into each car. So 10 cars multiplied by 10
people in each equals 100 people per train, 100 people per train multiplied by 8 trains equals 800 people
(minimum!!!) that use the Edison station per day.

Let's pretend that 200 of these people either live near by, or prefer to park on Kilmer Rd., or prefer to have
someone drop them at the station or for whatever reason they choose not to park their car near the train
station, this leaves 600 people that need parking. Now these figures aren't scientific but they are very
conservative and realistic. Personnally I think the figure is probably closer to 1200 people that need parking
but I could be wrong, either way I am damned sure 454 spaces are not going to be enough.

Now if I'm right (which I believe I am) and NJT knows this, and the money to pay for the lot came from the
stimulus funds, why not use those stimulus funds to create at least a four story parking garage. That could
have provided aproximately 1600 new spaces for both regular and intermittent riders. I don't understand why simple math seems to escape NJT.

Am I wrong here? Is anybody thinking what I'm thinking? Edison riders, speak out!!!