AC Train starts July off with a fumble!!!

Submitted by NJasonH13 on Mon, 07/06/2009 - 14:10
NJ Transit

While waiting for the 447pm AC line in Philly 30th st station on Wednesday July 1st the ticker called for a 30 min late train. After about waiting 45 mins the board comes up saying train cancelled which means the next train isn't until 548pm... At about 530 people begin heading outside to catch shuttle buses. They send 1 bus for the amount of passengers that normally fill a 4 -5 car train. Then when that fills up they send a 2nd bus. the 2nd bus doesn't srrive til about 630pm. When it does there is a mad rush for the bus... the foolish thing is that the buses were only taking people to the 1st stop in NJ - Cherry Hill. So I actually waited for the train to arrive at 645 and got to NJ at about 715 and there were the bus riders waiting for the train... and yes the conductor had the audacity to aske for my ticket so I made him wait while I took a 90 year old man's time getting my pass out. One day NJ Transit will get theirs... American car companies thought they could miss manage too!