Morris company picked for Lackawanna Cutoff

Submitted by ragnarok on Thu, 12/11/2008 - 16:07
NJ Transit

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A proposed design for the restored Lackawanna Cutoff train line between Port Morris/Roxbury and Andover will be ready by May 2010, NJ Transit said Wednesday after its board of directors approved a contract with a Morristown company.

The 7.3-mile segment would be the first link in the 88-mile train line to Scranton, Pa., which is aimed at reducing traffic on Route 80 and elsewhere.

Building the single-track rail line from Port Morris to Andover will cost $36.6 million, compared to $551 million for the entire project.

The design company, Jacobs Engineering Group, will be paid up to $5.8 million, NJ Transit said.

Wednesday's announcement came three months after the Federal Transit Administration issued a finding that allowed the first stage of the rail project to proceed.

Designs from Port Morris to Andover will incorporate an existing rail spur off the outer end of the Montclair/Boonton line, NJ Transit said, and include construction of a grade crossing at Brooklyn/Stanhope Road in Stanhope.

In Andover, a 65-car parking lot will be built, NJ Transit said.

The actual start of construction for the long-awaited project has not been scheduled. While supporters of the Lackwanna Cutoff maintain that it would provide another option to long highway drivers to and from work, critics such as the New Jersey Sierra Club claim it will worsen sprawl.