Metro-North's onboard ticket sales go high-tech

Submitted by ragnarok on Fri, 02/01/2008 - 14:15
NJ Transit

WHY can't NJ Transit do this?! There is NO reason why they can't!

From The Times Herald Record. Visit the site to read the entire article.

Metro-North's onboard ticket sales go high-tech
By Judy Rife
Times Herald-Record
January 31, 2008

Metro-North Railroad is spending $3.6 million to equip its 800 conductors with hand-held electronic ticket machines for on-board sales.

"It's absolutely an idea whose time has come,'' said Dan Brucker, a Metro-North spokesman.

Brucker said the machines should reduce the amount of time that conductors spend calculating fares and selling tickets as well as keeping a host of manual records about sales. The machines will also permit customers to use credit and debit cards for the first time. Conductors are being trained now and should start using the machines on-board around April 1.

But as of now, NJ Transit, which operates Metro-North's west-of-Hudson rail lines, has no plans to adopt the machines.