Submitted by ragnarok on Tue, 06/15/2010 - 01:38
NJ Transit

You tap that yet??
My question is WHERE? I've not been to a NJT, PATH, or MTA station that accepts this type of payment.
So according to this article:
"" NY Times "City Critic" Ariel Kaminer recently gave it a whirl, happily tapping her way through the 6 train, the M23 bus, and the PATH train to Journal Square, where she was finally told by the driver of a No. 87 New Jersey Transit bus, "That won’t work. It won’t work till, like, January or something."

Plus, a No. 80 New Jersey Transit bus driver told her it wouldn't work until November! But the driver of the No. 60 didn't try to stop her, so she gave the electronic reader a successful tap and sat down! It seems the system works, but somebody forgot to tell the bus drivers""

Has anyone else seen a turnstile that accepts this type of payment?