My train was late again and made me late for work for the SIXTH TIME!

Submitted by Kristoffer on Thu, 06/03/2010 - 23:51
NJ Transit

I really wish we could do some kind of mass boycott, but people got to get to work. What we CAN do is to tell other disgruntled customers about this site, spread the word. Sooner or later, they will HAVE to listen to their customers. The beauty of the internet is that their customer's opinions are out there for all to see, without their controlling the posts. This site also offers a blog for every user. Go ahead and blog about your daily commute (or your weekend getaway) nightmare riding the worst run transit system in the world.

so, go and tell all your friends!! Oh.. and welcome to the site! :)

Once again, late to work because of NJ Transit delays. Their new slogan should be, "we apologize for the inconvenience" - Really wish there was an affordable or competitive alternative to my morning commute. There's no better time than now.

I just found this site by googling "nj transit sucks!" train will make me late AGAIN this morning. Seems like a "once a week" thing now..
I agree..let's get the word out..I. think we should print out flyers of this website address and casually leave them on the seats in the morning..leave a a few at stations, etc..

I'm in!!! I am sick of the consistent inefficiency of New Jersey Transit. Every evening there is a mechanical breakdown, a signal problem, tunnel congestion, or some other problem that delays me from getting home at a decent hour. I just can't understand why NJ Transit can't get it together! It's time to make our frustrations known. I'd like to think it would make them shape up, but alas I doubt it.

Anonymous (not verified)

Thu, 03/20/2014 - 15:36

I take the first train of the day from hamilton to Newark airport.
it' has never been on time. How is the first train of the day late every day?...and it's only the second stop on the route!!!!...The fares are ridiculously high for this type of service.

The unprofessionalism of NJ Transit astounds me, and they have the nerve to hike the fares.

I would like to take some sort of action, like some sort of class action suit against NJ Transit, because they have made me late six times, and their schedules are NEVER right.

It is wrong for me to keep wondering if my train is going to be on time or for me to worry if my train will pull in on time. I'm tired of having to sprint--yes, SPRINT--to my Path connection.

I would like to boycott NJ Transit. I told them that I'm just going to drive to work. NJ Transit is garbage, unreliable, and worthless. And I will tell everyone and anyone and discourage ANYBODY from using it.