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Submitted by ragnarok on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 21:20
NJ Transit

Here's what I got back from NJT:

Thank you for contacting NJ TRANSIT to bring this matter to our attention. We apologize for this situation. You are correct about the cost of these trips being the same, and that there would be no additional charge for making this trip with the pass that you have.

Please be assured NJ TRANSIT employees are held accountable for their actions. A copy of your feedback was immediately forwarded to the appropriate supervisory personnel for review and to initiate an investigation, if necessary. While personnel matters are confidential, be assured that the matter will be addressed and appropriate corrective action will be taken.

Again, NJ TRANSIT regrets that you were subjected to such an unpleasant incident. We thank you for the feedback, without which we might not have been aware of the need to take appropriate action.

Anonymous (not verified)

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 03:51

Hi - I had a similar issue recently with a conductor at the same station, however, with a worse story!

IT sounds like the same guy , and he tore me off the train and punched me repeatedly!

Would you mind contacting me?
It would help with my legal matter against this man.

Please respond via Email
[email protected]

I hope to hear from you soon!

So I've got my weekly (long story) from Hackettstown to Hoboken. I'm on train #5733 (car #7590) - a High Bridge bound train out of Penn Station Newark. The train is delayed 15 minutes, first because of "Amtrak switch problems" then "Amtrak signal problems" so right there, imho, they have gall to be collecting tickets, but who am I to say?
The conductor (i'm in the second car from the front, he's the conductor, not the assistant conductor, not a TC, THE conductor.) comes around and gives me a hard time about my ticket. I'm telling him that I do this ALL the time and its the same number of zones, same price, etc. He proceeds to look at a schedule telling me its 103.50 for a weekly to High Bridge.

I have my laptop hooked wirelessly to the internet, so I show him no less than three times the NJTRANSIT.COM website scheduling and fares calculator thing.. On the njt website its 74.50 from Newark Penn to High Bridge for a weekly... He said he doesn't know where thats coming from, and how I'm getting that. omg, its the website of the company you work for! He also told me that the website information is usually wrong, and he sees a lot of people that come on the train thinking that its one price because of wrong information on the website.

Finally, after about 10 minutes of argument, I look where he's getting the price off the schedule.. its for a HIGH BRIDGE -> NEW YORK weekly. I guess this conductor didn't realize that this train originates out of NEWARK.

It is outrageous that a conductor, who should know better, is arguing with a customer about the NJ Transit website being incorrect. He watched me put Newark and High Bridge on the trip calculator twice before telling me it was incorrect data.

This would have been a serious inconvenience to me if I had been removed from the train for this conductor's error, especially since the train is already delayed, and my destination's service is hourly.

Granted this person is only doing his job, but perhaps a bit more training on procedure and proper use of the company website is in order in this case. Perhaps this conductor could have called someone on the radio to ask how many zones it is, instead of instantly offering to call the transit police.

I'll be sending in a complaint, not that I expect anything to come of it.