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So unreliable! It's hurting my career.

This is the third time this week that I will be late to work thanks to train delays.

I am currently sitting in a train that has been standing still for 35 minutes, despite the alerts on the NJTransit site that say 15-20 minute delays.

This is ridiculous! They are blaming Amtrack and saying that they have no control.

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Jerk conductor

So I've got my weekly (long story) from Hackettstown to Hoboken. I'm on train #5733 (car #7590) - a High Bridge bound train out of Penn Station Newark. The train is delayed 15 minutes, first because of "Amtrak switch problems" then "Amtrak signal problems" so right there, imho, they have gall to be collecting tickets, but who am I to say?

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Chatham breakdown and 'Amtrak' delays

Had a 30 minute delay this AM because of a broken down train near Chatham. NO announcements were to be heard in my time standing around at Summit. I learned of the breakdown through the email alert NJT sent out.

We also were delayed at Secacus Junction going up the hill to the NEC. they blamed that one on Amtrak, like they always do.

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