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If you don't laugh, you cry. Check out my NJ Transit experiences that I'm sure will sound painfully familiar to you my fellow commuters!

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you must be kidding

So, its not enough of an insult that I must spend 2+ hours going thru hoboken AS YOU RECCOMENDED, to get on a localized gladstone diesel.... you must preemt us west of newark for the only connection at summit in AN HOUR? Idiots. Would have been home half an hour ago if it weren't for this crappy company's bungling.

And yet another preemtion just went by while I type.

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Sure enough, the cuts in service have created incredible amounts of crowding. Couple that with the lack of properly working air conditioning and the cars get hot awfully quick.

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So 2010 is upon us and I've decided that its time to promote this site much more than I've been doing previously. Its time to ramp up the traffic to the site, as NJT is only getting worse!

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My Kindom for a Parking Space!!!

Ok, so they finally decided to create more parking spaces at Edison but somehow I just don't think it's going
to be enough. I've been on the waiting list for a parking permit since 2002 and every time I call the company
that manages the existing lot they tell me that the waiting list is over 10,000 people long, obviously the

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