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njtransitsux666's picture

Oh boy does nj transit and most of their employees suck BIG TIME..

Oh my God, where to begin.

Boycott New Jersey Transit Sept 2012

I would love to organize a boycott of new jersey transit.

Stop buying monthly ticket starting Sept 1, 2012.

My ten trip to zone 11 increased by 60 percent. It cost 259 to commute to NY PA 3 days a week.

The service is terrible,bus lanes never work,and no notification of delays.

What Company keeps their customers after providing bad service. Only a monopoly.

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NJ Transit, where the clients are treated like dirt

Just submitted a complaint regarding employee 44850. He kicked me off the train for moving a reversible seat, the real kicker is this meat head cursed, bitched and moaned for no reason in front of my lawyer and I. Such a disrespectful human being with some serious mental issues. Read below.

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late midtown train

I just love how they always preempt a train from NYPenn thats late. Makes NO sense, we sit here ON TIME, and a bit early, to wait for a LATE train from nypenn.
do the dispatchers have the ability to do their jobs properly? obviously not. not sure if its incompetence, or lack of proper tooling. I guess one will never know without seeing that process work, and the tools they give them.

MIKEDE's picture

Footage of NJ Transit in its prime...

Was I at the right place at the right time? Not necessarily, this is just a typical day commuting on a Nj Transit train...

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