NJ Transit expects to lose riders after rate hike

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NJ Transit

Your comments: NJ Transit expects to lose riders after rate hike

I've decided that indeed it is cheaper to drive to work. I know I am not alone. NJTransit is shooting itself in the foot with this fare increase, as I believe way more riders than they think will no longer be using the service.

NJ.com has a opinion posting about this topic, where folks are weighing in about how they are being priced out of using NJTransit as well. Here's the link:

An excerpt:
NJ Transit knows there are commuters who will avoid the new record-tying fare hike by finding another way to commute. The Star-Ledger reports that transit officials have a name for that kind of exodus - "diversion" - and NJ Transit expects there will be a 5 percent diversion after the rate increase kicks in May 1.

This article is picking up comments from commuters in the NJ.com community. Here's one from dontgivein:

I have a prediction -- many riders are already prepared for this and won't be taking the train. A lot of car pooling is being planned right now. NJ Transit will be shocked at the loss of riders. I can envision a loss of more than 10 percent.

It now makes more sense to drive to Weehawken, park the car and take a ferry to get to midtown Manhattan vs. taking the train into Penn Station.

Adios NJ Transit!

Fare Hikes May be Reduced, But Riders Still Angry

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NJ Transit


Cash-strapped commuters have repeatedly expressed their frustration with no success. "Why don't you use your heads and think for a moment?" said rider Lev Zilbermints.

"It's an indirect tax. It's a turnstile tax," said Grace Spencer.

NJ Transit fare hike hearing draws angry response from commuters

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FROM: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2010/03/nj_transit_public_hearing_fare…

This hike is incredibly stupid, especially since they're NOT raising the gas tax whatsoever!

A quote from the article... visit the page to see the entire article:

NJT $300M Budget Shortfall - Rate increases and service cuts

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NJ Transit

Concerning the budget shortfall. Lets discuss. I encourage ALL riders to tell their friends/coworkers/fellow commuters about this site, and have them come comment too!

NJT receives millions in stimulus:

NJT to begin work on Lackawanna Cutoff

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NJ Transit

An excerpt. Visit the article link to read the full article.

A setback in Pennsylvania for the proposed Lackawanna Cutoff commuter rail line will not delay the project's start in New Jersey, NJ Transit spokesman Dan Stessel said Wednesday.

Application to restore Lackawanna Cutoff denied stimulus dollars

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NJ Transit

Are we ever going to see this line reinstated?

An excerpt from the article. Visit the link to read the entire article.

$401M application to restore Lackawanna Cutoff denied stimulus dollars

Plans to connect a passenger line from Pennsylvania to Hoboken hit a snag when an application for federal stimulus funding was denied.

Is this any way to run a railroad?

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NJ Transit

Spot-on stuff for our website, here's an excerpt from the editorial blog of Carla Linz Callaway.


NJ Transit officials remain adamant about closing down the only train that gets residents in this part of southern New Jersey to work in Philadelphia on time. You have to wonder what they are thinking — or if they are.

Read more at the blog via the link above.